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Lekshmi Narayana Temple


Behind every great temple there is a history. A history which clearly reveals the secret of its existence . A story which details the reason for its establishment. The case is the same with Lekshmi Narayana Temple.

Sri Prakash Swami who is the mastermind and caretaker of Lekshmi Narayana Temple took the responsibility to build in 2006. Today this temple managed under the clear vision and leadership of Swamy shows light of thousand s of people from different parts of the country.

Prakash Swami was born at Vadakal in Alappuzha Dist. During his childhood days he accommodated his father who was the president of vadakal SNDP subdivision. He was active in prayers and rituals and used to visit Kalarkode Sri Mahadeva Temple daily.

From 1972 Swami started visiting all major pilgrim centres like Guruvayoor, Pazhani, Kodungalloor, Thirupathy and Mookambika at regular intervals and was active in gathering others with him. He was so much attached to a devotional life and started off on a mission to reclaim the glory of some temples which were not managed properly or were abandoned . He was successful in bringing back the glory of Puthenkavu temple,S L Puram Kambiyakathu Maha Vishnu Temple and Kanichikulangara Kodumkulam Temple.

His major contribution to the society started when he established Lekshmi Narayana Temple committee, which touched the life of thousands of people with his magnificent power gifted from God and special prayer eves many people got their dreams fulfilled; People who were at the wrong track started a new life and were escaped out of many dangers.

Between year 2000 and 2002, a group of pandits and Astrologers like Sri.Chellappan, Dr.KSP Namboothiri, Sri Rajeev Jyothish gave a verdict that the place in which swami started Lekshmi Narayana Temple committee was purely Holy. It was a meeting place of Gods during the ancient time. There should be a temple at this place where Durga Devi,Bhadra kali, Sri Ganesh, Sree Shakthan, Sree Hanuman Swami, Sree Subramaniyan and Sarppadaivam should be also worshipped.

As a result of these findings, the temple was build and Sri Prakash Swami become the care taker. People from all religion and cast was allowed to visit the temple. Thousands of people got a new life after meeting Prakash Swami. Prayer are held regularly at the temple for people looking for a good marital life,job , children and so on. Hundreds of happy believers got blessing from God and fulfilled their wish. Many good testimonials made it a pilgrim centre and people state that they receive an enchanting happiness just by a visit.

The temple is managed by the little offering of the pilgrims visiting it and Prakash Swami, as a care taker and role more for many is always active in meeting the visitors,praying for them and advising them towards a new beginning in their life.